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commented 2014-02-25 16:50:22 -0500
Please see

And for suggestions on what citizens can do, see

Keep up the good work!
commented 2014-02-23 11:58:11 -0500
Mr Puttle’s Pedestrian Theorem: improving traffic flow and pedestrian safety

by K.O. Kleppert

The constant movement of both traffic and pedestrians is an on-going conflict in New York City, especially with regards to “cross-town” traffic. Intersections are a blockage of metal and flesh vying for supremacy, each hoping the other will yield. To help improve traffic flow and pedestrian safety, I offer a simple adjustment to the pedestrian pattern at each cross walk of intersecting streets and avenues.

Take for example, 22nd Street and Eighth Avenue. Twenty Second Street’s traffic flow is one way East bound across Manhattan. Eighth Avenue’s traffic flow is one way North bound. At the intersection, pedestrians would ONLY be allowed to cross Eighth Avenue on the South side of the “box”. This would allow the East bound traffic, especially those who want to turn left onto Eighth Avenue, unrestricted movement to do so, thereby allowing more traffic to pass both through the intersection and onto Eighth Avenue.

Currently, turning traffic must wait for an opening between trans versing pedestrians to safely pass by and move north. Waiting for their opportunity do so often causes following traffic to remain standing due their inability to continue. Horn honking is often a result of this situation.

Conversely, at the intersection of 22nd Street and Ninth Avenue, (which is one way South), pedestrians would ONLY be allowed to cross on the North side of the intersection, thereby allow turning vehicles unrestricted access to Ninth Avenue.

To assist the pedestrian flow crossing the Avenues, I propose the cross walk pathway be doubled in width to accommodate the additional pedestrians waiting to move.

This system would work best at the intersection of two one way streets as described above, but could also be applied to intersections of a two way street and one way avenue, such as 23rd Street and Eighth Avenue. Pedestrian traffic would need to cross Eighth Avenue on the south side of the intersection.

Inevitably there would be some resistance to this new procedure and the learning curve required for those on foot, but ultimately it would improve traffic flow and public safety simultaneously.

As a former pedestrian resident and current vehicular visitor, I have intimate knowledge of the urban transportation modalities of the city and wish only to make this unique environment more enjoyable for all.

Accompanying this theorem is a diagram depicting the patterns of both vehicles and pedestrians.


K.O. Kleppert

Vera Cruz, PA

610 504 8031
commented 2014-02-09 20:35:56 -0500
I have created a website that shows the most dangerous intersections in NYC called

posted about this on Facebook 2013-10-22 08:50:24 -0400
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commented 2013-10-22 08:49:44 -0400
I am the President of the Van Duzer Street Civic Association on Staten Island. I would like to get a speaker from your organization to address traffic concerns we have in our neighborhood. We live along a street that is used by commuters coming from the SI Ferry to reach the SI Expressway. We have some major construction projects coming to our community in the coming years that we need to get traffic solutions for. We have applied without success so far to be a Slow Zone. Our next meeting will take place on November 12. We hope you would be able to attend.
commented 2013-09-04 13:38:28 -0400
I live in Boerum Hill. Does Streets PAC endorse any of the DA candidates? It would be nice to have a district attorney who aggressively prosecuted reckless motorized vehicle behavior that results in pedestrian and cyclist injury. There just isn’t any information out there on which candidates might be more aggressive enforcers.
commented 2013-09-04 08:06:28 -0400
I object to your policy that I must open my address book, contact list and friends email addresses to comment on your endorsements. Not at all democratic.
commented 2013-09-01 21:36:35 -0400
About the 17th where I have gone on Boggie Down rides. Arroyo is corrupt to the bone. Julio Pabon was biking all around the Bronx campaigning. He deserves the endorsement.
commented 2013-08-16 13:52:52 -0400
You guys should re-examine who you’re supporting for District 22.
commented 2013-04-25 09:51:48 -0400
Why/how did my Twitter handle get tied up in my profile info? I didn’t want my name and my Twitter handle associated with one another on the same web page. I don’t remember giving my twitter handle to the donate form and I don’t recall it asking me if that was okay to tie it all together

So, I’m really glad StreetsPAC exists and I’m happy I could lend some support but this part skeeves me out.
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