NYC Needs a Comprehensive Snow-Removal Policy

Yesterday's snowfall – while thankfully not the blizzard that many outlets predicted – served as yet another reminder that New York City lacks a comprehensive system for clearing snow from intersections, crosswalks and catch basins.

SlushPuddleNYT.jpgWhile the Department of Sanitation did its usual yeoman's job of plowing and salting the city's streets, too much of that plowed snow ends up creating headaches for pedestrians, and for less able-bodied New Yorkers, dangerous and impassable obstacles.

As LTV Squad's Joseph Anastasio pointed out a year ago, snow removal at intersections falls into a responsibility black hole, and too many property owners skip shoveling their sidewalks because fines are low and enforcement is almost nil. He offers up a plan that largely puts the onus on the citizenry, which may or may not be the best plan – but at least it's a plan! And here are three suggestions from Streetsblog's Ben Fried for improving upon the current situation.

Given its role in creating laws, the City Council needs to tackle this nagging problem head-on. Sign the petition to ask the Council to initiate a comprehensive plan for improving snow removal in New York City.


To the New York City Council:

New York City needs a comprehensive snow-removal policy!

While the Department of Sanitation does an excellent job of plowing streets, the city has no equivalent process for clearing intersections, crosswalks and catch basins. We've all encountered mountains of snow and ponds of slush when simply trying to cross a street, but what's annoying for the nimble and able-bodied can be dangerous and impossible for the elderly, the disabled, young children or parents pushing strollers. Clear streets are not enough if they can't be crossed by pedestrians!

We, the undersigned, urge the Council's Transportation and Sanitation Committees to craft an overhaul to the laws governing snow removal.

Photo: Joshua Bright for The New York Times

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Daniel Chibbaro
Sheldon Baker
Eleanor Nussbaum
Steven Harvey
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Samuel Warden-Hertz
Christopher Oleary
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Clarence Eckerson
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The NYC Dept of Sanitation’s approach to snow removal is appallingly insufficient, downright chaotic and therefore highly dangerous to the public. The supervisors clearly have no idea what they’re doing, they are not assigning enough crews for snow removal. Corners in Brooklyn are never shoveled at all! There are always mountains of snow on corners blocking crosswalks. I am from Minnesota and you would never see that in downtown Minneapolis or St Paul. NYC should be embarrassed. The danger of the Winter season here is a large part of my decision to move out of NYC in 6 to 10 years depending on whether my son goes to HS here. I do not believe this city is healthy or safe for people to live in. The city does not seem to care about its citizens’ safety when you look at the response to snow, which makes me worry about what else the city drops the ball on that may be less visible.
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Cities like Stockholm have looked at their old snow plans and realized that they – like ours – were anti-family & anti-woman. Wake up NYC.
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Today is Friday, and it’s STILL difficult to cross some streets.
@MultiModalUnit tweeted link to this page. 2017-03-17 12:13:36 -0400
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Even though I live in the suburbs, I’m walking, biking and using transit all the time in the city.
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Sign the petition: NYC Needs a Comprehensive Snow-Removal Policy
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Sign the petition: NYC Needs a Comprehensive Snow-Removal Policy
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joanne sinovoi
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I am a senior with a cane. yesteday the q10 bus stopped in front of a huge mound of ice on Kew Gardens road by the subway and 2 men had to help me over the ice.
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There needs to be a particular focus on bus stops as well.
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Clarence Eckerson Jr.
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