Join StreetsPAC, in 2015, in finding, endorsing and supporting livable streets candidates in the primary and general elections this fall!

StreetsPAC is a political action committee dedicated to improving the safety, mobility and livability of one of New York City’s greatest assets: its streets. The space between buildings, including sidewalks, roads and plazas, account for the majority of all public space in the five boroughs, and are a precious resource to be used and enjoyed by all. 

Vision Zero

In the NYC elections in 2013, StreetsPAC endorsed 21 candidates (IIIIIIIVV), for the September primary, 16 of whom were victorious, and six more in the general election (VIVII), five of whom won. On the ground, we registered and turned out voters, and built grassroots support for Mayor Bill de Blasio's Vision Zero program to eliminate traffic deaths. 

In 2014 StreetsPAC turned to Albany to work on safe and livable streets education and decisions that affect both New York City and the state. We released two rounds of endorsements for the 2014 NYS races. Meet the 2014 endorsees and candidates

Founded by a team of the city’s most committed advocates, StreetsPAC backs candidates who support the expansion of traffic-calming infrastructure such as neighborhood slow zones, pedestrian plazas, and bike lanes; increased and improved transit access for all New Yorkers; more thorough crash investigations; and better enforcement of traffic laws.

StreetsPAC is registered with the New York State Board of Elections and the New York City Campaign Finance Board. 


Recent News

We delivered the following testimony today at the New York City Council's Committee on Transportation Oversight hearing evaluating the city's progress with Vision Zero: When Mayor de Blasio, just two weeks into his term in January 2014, announced the formation of the interagency working group on Vision Zero, it marked...

On September 10th, registered Democratic voters in far eastern Queens will go to the polls to cast their votes in the 23rd Council District primary.  The winner will likely be a heavy favorite in the November special election to replace former Council Member Mark Weprin, who resigned earlier this year...

StreetsPAC today announced three additional candidate endorsements for Tuesday’s general election, supporting the re-election campaigns of New York State Assemblymembers Dan Quart and Michaelle Solages, and the State Senate race of Adrienne Esposito, who’s running for an open seat on Long Island. “We’re excited to make these three important endorsements...

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