StreetsPAC Applauds Appointment of Bill Bratton as Next NYPD Commissioner

StreetsPAC applauds Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio's appointment of Bill Bratton as New York City's next Police Commissioner.  Mr. Bratton's innovative implementation of "broken windows" policing theory during his first term at the helm of the NYPD helped begin a large-scale reduction in crime that continues to this day, and we look forward to his implementing a similar "broken speedometers" or "broken crosswalks" approach to dealing with traffic violence.  More effective and consistent enforcement of reckless and dangerous driving violations will play a major role in achieving Mayor-elect de Blasio's Vision Zero goals, and we're confident that Mr. Bratton is the right leader for such an important effort.

At his introduction today, Mr. Bratton said "as the death tolls have declined dramatically for violent crime in the city, this year the number of people killed on our streets, pedestrians in traffic, will almost equal the homicide total and murder total. So there needs to be a continuing and expanding commitment. The Mayor[-elect] has clearly indicated that that will be a priority going forward. And we will commit to delivering on those priorities."

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