Below are important resources to keep you informed about the transformation on our streets

Vision Zero

Economics and Fair Tolling

  • The Move NY Plan - The principles: Faster. Safer. Fairer. Smarter. Business-Friendly. The revenues it generates must be: Safeguarded. Concrete. Focused first on Filling Transit Gaps.

Safe Streets

  • Safe Streets for Seniors - Seniors are 12% of New York City's population but disproportionately account for 36% of pedestrian fatalities.  See how the City is targeting high danger areas and re-engineering streets to better serve our elderly population.
  • Neighborhood Slow Zones - Slow Zones are community-based programs in self-contained areas that call on the City to reduce vehicular speed limits from 30 mph to 20 mph. Signage, speed humps, road diets, and other traffic calming elements are implemented to improve safety and quality of life as a result of less through traffic.

Complete and Livable Streets

  • Measuring the Street: New Metrics for 21st Century Streets - Our streets are not just for processing vehicular traffic.  The DOT's 21st Century metrics show how their latest projects have worked towards restoring the balance for all street users.  Bicycle and Pedestrian infrastructure decrease injuries for all street users, result in increases to retail sales, and lower commercial vacancy rates.
  • How Bicycles Bring Business - Business districts in New York and throughout the country have connected the investment of bicycle and pedestrian facilities with an investment in economy.  Bicyclist and pedestrian infrastructure bring added foot traffic to businesses and is necessary in retaining talent, especially young start-up and high-tech talent.
  • A Streetcorner Serenade for the Public Plaza - Public Space is hard to come by in a dense city like New York, but quick, DIY-like spaces with bottom-up approaches have seen success in providing public plazas for locals and visitors alike to come and congregate.


Remember, to elect candidates who will continue spreading this safety focus, you must be registered to vote and know where to vote. To register or change your party affiliation, you must do so 25 days prior to the date of the primary or election. 
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