Reminders: Andrew Gounardes Fundraiser Monday; Register to Vote Today!

Join Us Monday to Support Andrew Gounardes!

Just a quick reminder that this coming Monday, October 15, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., we're hosting a critically important fundraiser for Andrew Gounardes.

No race in New York State has more riding on it than Andrew's campaign to oust long-entrenched State Senator Marty Golden. The outcome has major ramifications for the future of the city's speed safety cameras, for a host of other street-safety issues, for public transit, and for many other concerns facing New Yorkers.

Andrew has an excellent chance of winning this race, but he faces one daunting hurdle: Marty Golden holds a three-to-one fundraising advantage.

That's where we, together, can make an important difference. Don't let this opportunity to elect a safe-streets and transit champion come up short. Please join us on Monday and give generously. We can win this race.

To RSVP for the fundraiser (more details below), please send an email to Koren Frankfort at [email protected].

To make a contribution online, please visit today.

So much is riding on the outcome of this race. Please help us turn the tide in Andrew's favor. Thank you.


You can also help Andrew's campaign by signing up with StreetsPAC to canvass voters between now and November 6th. We're sending teams out to the 22nd State Senate District multiple times each week. Sign up here!

Voter Registration Deadline Today!

If you're not already registered to vote in New York State, today is the last day for you to submit a voter-registration form that will allow you to vote in the November 6th general election.

For all the information you need to register, including downloadable forms that must be mailed today, please visit NYC Votes: Don't delay, register today!

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