Important Voter Registration Deadline This Friday!

Thanks to New York State's archaic voter-registration rules, if you're a registered voter who wants to switch political parties or an independent who wants to identify with a party, and you want to be eligible to vote in the 2018 primaries, you must register to do so by this Friday, October 13th. Yes, that's for the 2018 primary elections, which will play a critical role in determining the next Governor, State Attorney General and Comptroller, and members of the State Senate and Assembly.

register_to_vote.jpgAnd if you're not already registered to vote, doing so by Friday will enable you to vote in next month's citywide election (changing or choosing party affiliation now will not prohibit you from voting on November 7th).

You can check up on your registration status, register online or download an application, see voting guides and much more at

Don't delay – register today!

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