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ede_fox_crop.jpgEde Fox, Council District 35, Brooklyn

Neighborhoods: Clinton Hill, Ft Greene, Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, Bedford Stuyvesant
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Focus On (StreetsPAC article): "In four years I expect to see more bike lanes, more sidewalk extensions and more street plazas. I don’t know what our streets will look like, but I’ll tell you what I’d like to see. More bus only lanes, bus rapid transit extensively throughout the district and loading/unloading zones so we don't see double parking. I’d also like to see a much more extensive network of separated bike lanes with their own system of traffic lights so less adventurous bicyclists will feel safer. I’d also like to see the DMV test amended to include questions about bicyclists so new drivers will be more cognizant that they are sharing the road." Read more

What caught our attention from Ede's questionnaire/interview:
"I will invest capital funds to increase lighting on sidewalks in the 35th, as well as repair sidewalks so people feel safer and more comfortable walking around the District. In addition, I would work with DOT to make sure the traffic lights on major roadways give ample time for pedestrians to cross. The countdown at the intersection is a positive step in the right direction. More should be placed at all busy intersections. Right now crossing Atlantic Avenue is very difficult for anyone who isn’t a very fast walker. I will also advocate for DOT to create islands along Atlantic Avenue and other major roadways in the district to help pedestrians cross. "

StreetsPAC's Endorsement Announcement:
"I forgot how wonderful it is to use a bike to get around," enthused Ede Fox after a StreetsPAC-guided ride around her district.  "Everyone has a right to be safe on every public street, regardless of how they get around."  Fox will push to tame speeding on major thoroughfares like Atlantic, Park and Bedford Avenues, and will advocate for MTA service restoration and expansion of express-bus service.  She will support Vanderbilt Avenue-style treatments on other avenues to increase safety, build community and spur economic activity.  Fox knows she has big livable-streets shoes to fill in those of current 35th district Councilmember Tish James, but pledges that she's up to the challenge. 

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