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gale_brewer.jpgGale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President

Neighborhoods: Manhattan


Focus On (StreetsPAC article): "Pedestrian plazas, bike lanes and loading zones all remove parking supply and encourage people to use transit or drive when there is less demand for limited parking spaces. Combined with less off-street parking, which is something that the city has been encouraging but could be pursued more aggressively, these policy changes can have a significant impact on relieving traffic congestion. This is how many cities around the world have addressed their core congestion problems, which has also resulted in several secondary benefits – repurposing off-street storage space for higher value development, and expanding curbspace for pedestrians, transit and bikes. Of course, all of this works best when you are also expanding transit options. I would also advocate for an expansion of the bike share program and the implementation of car-free parks." Read more

What caught our attention from Gale's questionnaire/interview:
"NYC needs a zero-tolerance policy for dangerous driving, which would involve mandatory loss of licenses for people convicted of multiple dangerous violations."

StreetsPAC's Endorsement Announcement:
In her 12 years in the City Council, Gale Brewer has consistently championed livable streets with characteristic patience, most notably by forging a consensus on the Upper West Side to eliminate cars in Central Park and to install and extend pedestrian-safety improvements and protected bike paths on Columbus Avenue.  As Manhattan Borough President, Gale pledges to work to expand bike share to all of Manhattan. “Bike share is only months old, and it’s already a critical part of the mass transit system for thousands of New Yorkers,” said Brewer. “Just as we provide public support for ferries and student Metrocards, we should support the expansion of bike share throughout Manhattan and the city.”  Brewer is also committed to finding a comprehensive, multi-pronged approach to relieving the burden of truck traffic on Manhattan residents – the fatalities, injuries, noise, pollution and sheer oppressive presence of traffic.  “As Borough President, I’ll bring all the responsible agencies and stakeholders together – police, transportation, consumer affairs and others – to reduce pass-through traffic to a minimum with fair tolling, encourage late-night deliveries, and improve regulation and enforcement so that truckers stick to truck routes, have the required safety equipment, and are held responsible for the harm they cause.”

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