Profile: Letitia James

tish_james.jpgLetitia James, Public Advocate

Neighborhoods: Citywide
Website: letitiajames2013

Focus On (article):
Livable Streets are good for everyone; they help make our streets safe--less accidents involving pedestrians. And they change the landscape and character of a neighborhood, making it more inviting to foot traffic and bicycle riders. They're also good for local small businesses. Read more

What caught our attention from Tish's questionnaire/interview:
"I believe we need to look into and develop incentives that promote the use of alternative modes of transportation, as well as incentives for current commuters who use public transportation; however at the same time we need to create disincentives to prevent new traffic. We need to work with major employers whose workers drive to work and develop incentives or disincentives for those employees."

Tish's endorsement text:
In her 10 years in the City Council, Tish James has established a reputation as an outspoken crusader unafraid of seemingly lopsided battles.  As Public Advocate, she pledges to use the powers of her office to ensure that the NYPD conducts full and complete crash investigations and holds dangerous drivers accountable for their actions, and will champion the expansion of complete-street projects, especially to disadvantaged neighborhoods that are all too often plagued by poor road design.

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