Profile: Vanessa Gibson


Vanessa Gibson, Council District 16, Bronx
Neighborhoods: Highbridge, Morrisania, Mount Eden, Melrose
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What caught our attention from Vanessa's's questionnaire/interview:
"...effective transportation strategies are at the heart of addressing everything from the high incidence of asthma in the Bronx to the high cost of doing business in Manhattan."

StreetsPAC's Endorsement Announcement:
Gibson was elected to the NY State Assembly in 2009, and was a fierce proponent of the successful effort in Albany this year to bring speed cameras to NYC.  She also supports a host of district-wide safety measures, such as countdown clocks, speed bumps, and increased enforcement in both residential and commercial areas.  She sees Slow Zones as a way to reduce speeding and believes new public plazas will enhance neighborhood connectivity.  She'll also be working to make the new Webster Avenue Select Bus Service a success and is very excited about the re-opening of the High Bridge bike and pedestrian connection to Upper Manhattan. 


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