StreetsPoll: April 27, 2016

Last Friday, New York City celebrated it's first car-free Earth Day, pedestrianizing some Manhattan streets and encouraging New Yorkers who typically commute by car to opt for subways, buses, biking, walking, or other alternate transportation modes. City officials vowed that next year's car-free Earth Day would build on the original. Tell us which option would do the most to accomplish that, and if you sign up to receive email updates (you can unsubscribe any time), you'll earn a chance to win a StreetsPAC t-shirt!

Which of the following do you think would contribute most to making Car-Free Earth Day 2017 bigger and better?

Eliminating subway and bus fares for Earth Day
Implementing post-Sandy-style HOV restrictions at bridges and tunnels
Making one of the East River Bridges bike- and pedestrian-only for the day
Closing more streets to cars & expanding street closings beyond Manhattan

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