StreetsPoll: July 20, 2016

Turnaround.pngThis morning, TransitCenter, in partnership with Riders Alliance, the Straphangers Campaign and the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, issued a new report titled Turnaround: Fixing New York City's Buses.

The report offers a number of smart ideas for fixing New York City's struggling bus network, which has seen a steady decline in ridership one the past few years. Tell us which of the proposed solutions you think is most important, and if you sign up for email updates, too, you could win a StreetsPAC t-shirt.

[Click the image to download a PDF copy of the full report.]

Which of these proposed solutions do you think is the most effective means of improving bus service in New York City?

Redesigning the bus network & routes for more frequent/efficient service
Transforming the way people board buses (i.e., off-board payment)
Adopting better methods to keep buses on schedule
Redesigning streets to prioritize buses
Do them all! It's a holistic fix!
Forget it, Jake, just build streetcar lines

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