T-Intersection Testimony to NYC DOT

We strongly support the amendment of sections 4-01, 4-04 and 4-08 of Chapter 4 of Title 34 of the Rules of the City of New York to prohibit vehicles from blocking pedestrian crossing points where a pedestrian ramp exists at unmarked crosswalks.

The proposed amendments reverse a rule change that should never have been made in the first place, one that prioritized the convenience of drivers over the mobility and safety of all others, especially people with disabilities. The proposed rule changes will allow people who use mobility devices and those who may have limited ability to get around and cross streets safely without having to go far out of their way, and we urge that the amended rules be implemented as soon as possible.

We also urge NYC DOT to go further, however, and extend the rule to any T-intersection regardless of the presence of a pedestrian ramp, as these informal crossings often represent pedestrian desire lines that should be prioritized over street parking. If a pedestrian ramps don’t exist at such locations, they probably should.

Finally, we also encourage NYC DOT to end the city’s self-allocated exemption from New York State law requiring all intersection to be clear of parked cars within 20 feet of a crosswalk. If concerns persist within the agency about the potential for faster turns pursuant to daylighting efforts, those concerns can be solved by building out curb extensions, implementing bike corrals and other physical amenities, and otherwise engineering impediments to fast vehicular turns.

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