StreetsPAC Releases Vision Zero/Bill de Blasio Spoke Cards

StreetsPAC, the complete and safe streets political action committee, is promoting the “Vision Zero” campaign of its endorsee Bill de Blasio with spoke cards that cyclists can display on their wheels for the 2013 election.












Vision Zero is a program of comprehensive traffic enforcement, engineering and education measures  based on the ideal that "no loss of life in traffic is acceptable."

The initiative was started and developed in Sweden. Click here to read more about the comprehensive "Traffic Safety by Sweden" plan.

Bill de Blasio has embraced Vision Zero and written a specific version of the plan for New York City. De Blasio's plan includes a redesign of our 50 most dangerous intersections, sweeping expansion of 20mph speed zones across NYC neighborhoods, NYPD prioritization of data-driven enforcement against motorists who speed and fail to yield to pedestrians, and Home Rule measures allowing NYC to conduct automated, camera-based traffic enforcement without approval from Albany.

StreetsPAC fully endorses Bill de Blasio's Vision Zero plan, and encourages all of New York City's elected officials and leaders to do the same. Help us spread the word about this revolutionary traffic safety initiative by putting a Vision Zero spoke card in your wheel and keeping it there for the November 5 election and beyond.  Help us more by volunteering to distribute spoke cards to cyclists at any of the times and places listed below, and by sending an email using this link.

And on November 5th, Vote for Bill de Blasio and all the StreetsPAC-endorsed candidates.

Vote Safer Streets. Vote Vision Zero. Vote StreetsPAC.

*          *          *

Our volunteers will be distributing these custom spoke cards throughout NYC all of this week:

Tuesday from 8-10am on the Manhattan Side of the Williamsburg Bridge

Tuesday from 5-7pm on the Brooklyn Side of the Manhattan Bridge

Thursday from 8-10am on the Manhattan Side of the Manhattan Bridge

Thursday from 5-7pm on the Queens Side of the Queensboro Bridge

Friday from 8-10am at 14th St on the West Side Bike Path

Friday from 5-7pm on the Brooklyn Side of the Manhattan Bridge

Sunday from 2pm-8pm at Bike Yard, South 4th St and Wythe, Brooklyn

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