Joseph Tedeschi

commented on Contact Us 2023-10-31 20:18:24 -0400
I greatly value StreetsPac for its dedicated work and smart advocacy on critical issues that affect all New Yorkers. Yet, I was surprised by the endorsement of Chris Maarte. Not the endorsement, per se, but that it depicted him as a voice for street-level reform, in particular on Canal Street. He has had zero presence on Canal Street since taking office. And, since taking office, the conditions on Canal Street have only worsened significantly. My attempts to reach his office and to discuss ideas for improving conditions on Canal St in particular have been been with nothing more than a polite phone call followed by… nothing. The conditions on Canal street are parlous and I fear that Maarte has no vision for its improvement. I welcome any member of StreetsPac to visit Canal street virtually any time of any day and stand by a statement that Maarte is working to improve conditions there. Sadly, he is not.

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